Monday, January 12, 2015

Pappa and Kids

Pappa and Kids

Pictures,  images, photographs though they can only be seen or can be visualised but sometimes they speaks, actually speaks a lot and makes a deep sense... 
 Recently I was just juggling the pics I have ever clicked and found a wonderful series "Papa and kids". "Father" a very first hero of the child and I am sure you will agree with this fact ;-).  The feeling of being a father can only be understood when we will be like him "A father".  With the series I tried to embrace the emotions,  sacrifice,  responsibility, careness of the father and innocence, selfishness of the relationship. I also would like to share some lines of poem "Pitaah "which is a true and pure reflection of the series.
पिता अप्रदर्शित-अनंत प्यार है,
पिता है तो बच्चों को इंतज़ार है,
पिता से ही बच्चों के ढेर सारे सपने हैं,
पिता है तो बाज़ार के सब खिलौने अपने हैं,
पिता से परिवार में प्रतिपल राग है,
पिता से ही माँ की बिंदी और सुहाग है,
पिता परमात्मा की जगत के प्रति आसक्ति है,
पिता गृहस्थ आश्रम में उच्च स्थिति की भक्ति है। 
You can read full poem here

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The Emotions on father's face are the best precious moments of my photographic journey

A Father who is a Rickshaw Owner ..takes his kids on the top of his rickshaw to show them the Teej Fair Procession

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